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Name: Duchess Kathleen MacChluarain the Pure ((Delight!))
Device: Per chevron embattled azure and vert, a lion sejant Or langued gules orbed sable.
Badge: Quarterly vert and argent, in bend sinister two roses slipped and leaved bendwise sinister sable.
Awards: Award of Arms 1/16/1971; Crown Baronetsy 1/16/1971; Countyess 12/2/1972; Lady of the Rose 12/2/1972; Duchy 9/29/1973; Viscountess 5/7/1977; Lady of the Solar Leaf of the Sun 5/7/1977; Red Centaur of Barony Atenveldt 5/8/1977; Solar Phoenix 12/10/1978; Light of Atenveldt10/7/1979; Bannthegn 9/2/1995; Esprit de Soleil 9/28/1996; Order of the Purpure Clarion *

Name: Viscount Master Ivan du Grae
Device: Vert, two chevronels argent between two pike naiant Or.
Awards: Peerage 4/12/1970 M of Arms/West; Viscounty 5/7/1977; Premier Red Centaur of Barony Atenveldt 5/8/1977; Solar Phoenix 11/5/1977; Light of Atenveldt 4/23/1978; Commander of the Solar Phoenix 10/7/1979; Peerage 7/14/1990 Pelican; Award of Arms9/18/1993; Palm of Barony Atenveldt 1/29/1994; Defender of the White Scarf 2/20/1994; Commander of the Sable Axe 7/22/1995; Sable Axe of Barony Atenveldt 7/22/1995; Thegn 9/2/1995 Atenveldt; Guardian's of Atenveldt - Commander 3/7/1998; Kings Sigil 5/3/2003 Lions of Atenveldt 5/1/2004;
MKA: J Michael Cook

Name: Lord Ivanson du Grae
Device: Pily bendy sinister embattled or and counter ermine, a playstation 2 between two thumbs on controllers enflamed, all proper. *
Awards: Award of Arms
MKA: Hunter

* NOT a real device! Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment.
Name: Cain Saethydd
Device: Sable, on a bend cotised argent, three arrows inverted sable
Awards: Grant of Arms, Award of Arms, Azure Archer, Blood of Fenris, Kings Sigil-Arthur II, Seviente del Sol, Order of the Vert Glove of Atenveldt, Order of the Sable Axe of Atenveldt, Heart of the Rose (service award of the Duchey of the Blackrose)
MKA: Robert William Bower Junior

Name: Master Sylvanus of Sutherland, Lord of Clan ThistleMuir
Device: Vert, a lion salient maintaining in both forepaws a sword inverted between three mullets argent within an orle of fleurs-de-lis points outward Or.
Awards: Master of Arms SCA, Award of Arms, Officer of Guardians of Atenveldt, Order of the Flower of the Desert, Companion of the Fanged Wolf, Companion of the Esprit de Soliel, Companion of the Solar Phoenix, Commander of the Palm of Atenveldt, Commander of the Sable Axe, Companion of the Azure Chalice, Companion of the Sable Axe,  Companion of the Palm of Atenveldt, Commander of the Order of the Pupure Clarion, Full Order of the Dragons Fury of Sundragon, Decendant of the White Oak
MKA: David Moore
EMAIL: sylvan_luvr@yahoo.com

Name: Muiregan ni Fáelán O'Connocht
Device: Vert, an owl displayed grasping a branch argent with an orle of thistles, heads to center Or
Awards: Award of Arms; Premier Companion of the Palm Frond of Atenveldt
MKA: Penny

Name: Lord Gil Gareth Greywolf, Squire to Ivan du Grae
Device: Azure, a wolf's head erased affronty between three compass stars argent.
Awards: Rapier Champion (BA) 2000-10-29, Vert Glove (BA) 2001-06-16, Award of Arms 2002-07-20, Serviente del Sol (Beacon of the Desert) 2003-01-05, Palm of Atenveldt (BA) 2003-04-22, Purpur Clarion (BA) 2003-10-26, Honor of Sun Dragon 2007-10-20, Black Pheon 2008-04-15, Kingdom Archery Champion 2008-09-07, Ered Sul Baronial Archery Champion AS 42 to AS 43 Kingdom Archery Champion 2011-11
Archer: Bowmaster
MKA: David Harris
EMAIL: gilgarethgreywolf@cox.net

Name: Lord Johann Friedrich
Device: Per saltire sable and gules, in fess two rapiers Or
Awards: Award of Arms, Companion of the Order of the Golden Blade, Order of the Baroness Cavalier of Sundragon, Corporal of the Dragons Fury of Sundragon, First level of the Honor of Sundragon
Archer: Bowman
MKA: Ken Bowley
URL: http://www.trod.org
EMAIL: johann@trod.org

Name: Lady Amphelisia Wynter
Device: Per pale azure and sable, a natural leopard's head affronty erased argent marked sable and on a bordure argent three roses proper
Awards: Award of Arms, Trooper of the Dragons Fury of SunDragon, first level of the Honor of SunDragon
Archer: Bowman
MKA: Joy Bowley
URL: http://www.trod.org
EMAIL: wynter@trod.org

Name: Lady Catrine of Skye
Awards: Award of Arms

Name: Aylwin Wyllowe
Device: Per chevron sable and vert, a bordure argent charged with three triquetras vert.
Archer: Yeoman
MKA: Nick Estes
URL: http://www.nickstoys.com/
EMAIL: aylwin@nickstoys.com

Name: Korina Kievskaia
Device: Per pall inverted vert, gules and argent, two sheafs of arrows argent and a winged brunette woman proper, winged sable and vested gules.
Archer: Bowman
MKA: Jennifer Estes
URL: http://www.nickstoys.com/
EMAIL: korina@nickstoys.com

Name: Donwenna

Name: Logan

Name: Lord William Keith FitzGaranhir
Device: Argent, a wolf's head erased and sinister facing and in chief a label gules
Badge: (Fieldless) A wolf's head erased contourny gules.
Awards: Award of Arms, Order of the Sable Axe, Order of the Palm of Atenveldt, Order of the Hawk's Lure, Order of the Solar Warlord
MKA: Bil Van Ness
EMAIL: wolfhallmanor@yahoo.com

Name: Cealleach Colquhoun
Device: Argent, a dragon sejant affronty, wings displayed and head to dexter, on a base gules a heart argent
Awards: Sundragon, first level of service. Sundragon, first level of Dragons Fury. Sundragon, Baronial Archery Champion
Archer: Bowman
MKA: Sammi Cothern
EMAIL: mysstdragon@hotmail.com