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Heads of House:
Viscount Master Ivan du Grae
Duchess Kathleen MacChluarain the Pure

L egend tells us Long ago, in the Kingdom of Atenveldt , Anno Socieatatis 3, men and women of honour gathered together. Of honour, of fierce kinship, might of arms and bearing a great love of revelry. Birthed from the Clan Chluarain, being that of Mac Chluarain, they bore the plaid yet bore also an image of inspiration. A rare and beautious thing, seen as both lovely to some and a danger to others. From this band of kindred souls has grown some of this Kingdoms most renowned personages and legends. Foremost is she who soul bears the image of the name. She who is our inspiration.

Duchy of Black Rose News

A way for the household to fill each other in on events, SCAdian and Mundane, about which we think others might want to know. Including research links.

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Household Meetings

Third Wednesday of every month at Barrios Unidos Park / Barony of Atenveldt Fighter Practice

Have any Duchy of the Black Rose or Clan Chluarain history to share? Send it to me, Amphelisia Wynter . (Facts, stories, artifacts and pictures are welcome.)

Estrella War XXVI (February 8-15, 2010 CE.)

Barony of Atenveldt Fighter Practice

Every Wednesday Night from 7pm to 10pm
Barrios Unidos Park in central Phoenix located at 1501 E Mohave St Phoenix, AZ 85035

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